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Immigration, citizenship and naturalization are increasingly complex areas of law. Unfortunately, many immigrants lose their opportunity for U.S.citizenship because they lack proper legal representation and make mistakes which could have been prevented. Seeking citizenship and naturalization on your own can be a scary and unnerving process.  

At Jolanta A. Zinevich, LLC. we take the time to fully understand the unique situation of each of our clients and work together with our clients to establish a plan of action that fits their specific needs. Let us assist you with your Immigration, Citizenship and Naturalization needs. We help individuals facing a variety of immigration issues such as Applications for U.S. Citizenship, Green Cards, Marriages, Employment and Student Visas, Waivers, Political Asylum, and Immigration Appeals.

We will ensure that you fully understand your case and the steps necessary to accomplish your goals. Immigration laws and rules are constantly changing.

To schedule an appointment please call our office at (847) 986-5924. We are conveniently located in Mundelein, Lake County. Most appointment can be made Monday through Friday 
between 8 am and 5 pm. However, we understand that some of our clients may not be able to schedule an appointment during our normal hours therefore we can provide evening and weekend appointments if such is more convenient.  

 What is Naturalization?

People who are not U.S. Citizens who were born outside of the U.S. can voluntarily become U.S. Citizens through a process called Naturalization. There are many advantages to becoming a U.S. Citizen such as being able to Vote, obtaining a U.S. Passport, being able to obtain citizenship for Children  born outside of the U.S., and being able to bring family members living outside the US. to the U.S.

To become a U.S. Citizen you will be asked to take an Oath Of Allegiance in which,

 among other things, you are swearing allegiance to the U.S. 

Requirements for Naturalization:

In order to qualify for Naturalization you must meet several criteria. In order to use a N400 Application For Naturalization you must be at least 18 years old at the time of the filing of your Application, you must be a Legal Permanent Resident for at least 5 years and you must be of good moral character. There are other criteria which must be met that we will discuss with you prior to filing your Application.

If you are under the Age of 18 you can automatically become a U.S. Citizen if you have at least one parent that is already a U.S. Citizen. 

How long does it take?

These steps are an approximation and will vary based upon your individual case. If you fail to provide the necessary documents these time frames will be longer as you will have to provide that which you failed to provide.

Step 1 – fill our and submit Form N-400 “Application For Naturalization”, a copy of your green card, passport style photos, the required filing fee, and in some cases documents in support of your application.

Step 2 – you will receive a notification from USCIS that your Application has been accepted for filing.

Step 3 - Within approximately a month you will have to be fingerprinted so that a background check can be performed.

Step 4 – you will received a Notice of the Interview

Step 5 – Go to your Interview. Keep in mind that to become a U.S. Citizen you will have to pass a naturalization test. This test will be given to you at your Naturalization interview. You will be asked to answer questions about your application and background. You will also be tested on your use of English and
civics (U.S. government and history) unless you qualify for an exemption or waiver.

USCIS’s goal is to complete the process of Naturalization within 6 months of filing of the N-400 “Application For Naturalization”. However, in some circumstances the process can take much longer.

What if I Fail my English and civics tests?

If you fail your English and civics (U.S. government and history) test at your interview you will be retested within 60-90 days, but only on those portions you  failed.

What if my Application For Naturalization is denied?

If your Application is denied you will receive Notification from USCIS. In the Notification USCIS will provide you reasons for the denial and will give you instructions on how and where to Appeal the decision. Initially, the Appeal will be submitted to USCIS. If USCIS denies the Appeal, you then have the option of filing an Appeal to the Federal District Court.

I am a U.S. Citizen can I get Green Card for my Mother

In most cases Yes. Immigration Laws allow for U.S. Citizens to petition for immediate relatives to come and live in the U.S. permanently. Immediate relatives include spouses, unmarried children under the age of 21, and a parent if you are over 21 years of age.

One of the benefits of Petitioning for your immediate family members is that they have special immigration priority meaning they do not have to wait as long as others.

The steps and time necessary for this process will be dependent on whether or not your Mother lives outside or inside of the U.S.

NOTE: Each situation is different and requires its own course of action. Call our office today to set up an appointment to discuss your individual situation and the options available to you. 

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